Communities, Enhancing Civic Engagement. 

Our technology helps governments retain and engaged their communities, free from social media surveillance.

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of Americans report concern over anticompetitive business practices by technology companies 


of Americans thinks the government should take steps to restrict false information on the internet and social media

-$2.7 Billion

Consumer Report Loss to Social Media Scams  


Q. Want more control and security for your online community?

Q. Looking for a safer and transparent alternative to traditional social media?

Q. Interested in building a unique online brand presence and fostering real community engagement?


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OnBoard, the Film

Build, Engage, Grow

Your Customized Digital Village


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Black Ambition

Elevate your government’s community with a branded, integrated hub – your customized social space within your platform, just like your own Facebook groups or Reddit. 

Black Ambition

take back control

Reclaiming digital governance

AllPeep empowers cities and governments to take control of their online communities. This decentralized, federated social network puts you in the driver’s seat, ensuring that your residents engage on your terms.

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Where socializing with your community in your platform is effortless.

With AllPeep, your community connects to Activity Pub, Fediverse, and Mastodon communities, allowing you to expand and reach your target Peeps beyond boundaries.

Your Brand, Your Village

Build Trust and Authenticity

AllPeep authenticates your community members, ensuring that only legitimate users join the conversation. Say goodbye to fake profiles and bots and welcome a vibrant and authentic community.

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