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Video Jam

Step 1

Invite your community by sending an invite link via the preferences link.

Step 2

Set up the Jam. Click the Headphone icon to schedule and start a Jam.

Step 3

Add a title and time for your meetup using the text entry box and calendar pop up.

Step 4

Use the Chat box to invite others to join. The Planet helps you decide who sees your jam.

  • “Public” (Visible to everyone on the web) – people outside of and AllPeep server will have a reduced experience.
  • “Unlisted” (Visible but not in search results) – The Local Timeline will show this at the top
  • “Followers Only” – People who follow this account (a good one for testing things out)
  • “Mentioned People Only” – Private to the AllPeep accounts mentioned in the post.

Step 5

Visit the Home Timeline (Or the profile of your Moderator account) and “Join the Jam”

Step 6

Speakers and Presenters – Click on “Make Speaker” to let someone speak in the Jam. They can choose a microphone and mute themselves if they wish. Making someone a presenter will turn on their camera and they can speak to the Jam.

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