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The content below describes AllPeep and our mission in varing lengths. This information is provided for your convenience and may be used by interested parties for AllPeep related articles.

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Today’s social networks offer brands viral marketing, public discovery through advertising, and ease of use. But brands are tired of being monetized through their social media advertising tools, lacking control over their communities, and losing equity because public social media platforms own their online community data and sell it for profit! AllPeep is leveling the playing field for brands to have the same leverage as the middleman when it comes to owning their online customers’ engagement. AllPeep allows companies to create their own social network, without giving up ownership of their social graph, or having to build a solution from scratch. With AllPeep, Brands are able to track their most engaged users, ban users who are a threat to their social network, better understand their customers with the Metrics Dash-board, and so much more!

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Brands are struggling to measure the value of their community; only one-third of brands can connect their community data to their customer data (The 2022 Community Industry Report.) AllPeep is empowering Brand’s by allowing them to regain their equity by providing them ownership of their social graph, converting their customer engagement to consistent revenue and nurturing a relationship with their customers. Our team envision a world where communities can coalesce around brands and other interests without being held hostage by centralized social media conglomerates. So, while social media platforms are the place where companies come to have the social network experience…AllPeep comes to you! With AllPeep, Brands have their own fully functional white label social network.

The front end is exactly what is expected from a traditional social network; users’ have their own profiles and they’re able to post, share, direct message, live stream audio, video, and so much more! Aside from having the features that are on traditional social network platforms; we provide brands podcast recording and audio streaming features that their fans use to tune into their content! At AllPeep, we’re all about providing brands the tools and resources they need to connect their community data to their customer data on their own terms.

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Today, Brands are losing equity because public social media platforms own their online community data and sell it for profit! Every passionate Brands needs their own embedded social network inside their platform to engage, retain their customers and engage more effectively with them! AllPeep is providing brands the power of measuring their community data. We call our product an Embeddable Social Network (ESN), that brands own for themselves and are able to engage with their fans in private. An Embedded Social Network is an incredibly effective way for a passionate brand to engage with new, current, prospective customers, and within their own spaces. AllPeep enables community inclusion, education, and empowerment for those passionate Brands on a non-predatory global embedded SaaS technology that features incentivized engagement, content sharing, customizable privacy settings, and social media capabilities. 

Everyone’s customer data will be their customers graph in the rise of the cookie less future. AllPeep is for passionate brands that want a cut from what the middleman is making off of their customers, to learn from their community on their own terms, and within their own spaces. Although, Public social media is great for discovery and virality, it doesn’t allow Brands to inclusively engage with their customers. But, an embeddable social media does and this engagement is conducted inside the Brands platform! An embeddable social media increases Lifetime Value, Decreases Customer Acquisition Cost, and enables live shopping. 

At AllPeep we’re providing brands who want the keys back to their kingdom. The keys will open the door for Brands to have their own private social network, complete with the ability to moderate conversations and ban users who violate their policies. Brands control the experience and add value to their services by providing an engaging space for their clients, while saving money and increasing revenue. AllPeep protects their brand reputation by eliminating user noise and content double posts; bringing value to their customers’ experience.


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