We are so incredibly grateful that AllPeep was selected as one of the top 30, 2022 Black Ambition Prize Winners, a cohort of Black and Latinx entrepreneurs dedicated to building the businesses of the future founded by Pharrell Williams and led by Felecia Hatcher!

During the Black Ambition and Mighty Dream Forum in Norfolk, VA on November 1-3, 2022 we connected with like minded entrepreneurs and organizations dedicated to creating more positive financial outcomes for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs. Black Ambition’s vision of closing the wealth gap and positioning companies like AllPeep to excel uninterruptedly is just what we need in the Black & LatinX communities.

AllPeep was awarded a $25,000 check by Black Ambition to scale the company and support brands that are interested in owning their online community data and retaining their customers.

Christoph Witzany, CTO to the left and D’Angelo Senat, CEO to the right.

Today, Brands are losing their brand equity because they don’t own their online community engagement data between their customers. We believe in a world where communities can coalesce around brands and other interests without being held hostage by centralized social media conglomerates. AllPeep empowers the connection between a Brand having access to an ideal customer and leveraging their communities—because we believe in a Brands village being the key to the Brands essential growth.

For more information to learn how AllPeep can help you integrate your social network experience inside your platform, please visit www.AllPeep.com