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Cheapest way to go...

We host your instance for $4.99/month. Your address/username will be of your choosing with the suffix This address is yours forever.

If you have your own domain, you can use that for free as well but it will require a few DNS changes which we would walk you though.

A little bit more...

Say you want a custom domain in .org, .online, .art, .club, .vip, .xyz. Well, those we have to pay for. So we’ll give it to you free for the first year, then $1.49 to $3.49 per month after that depending on the domain suffix.

Other options...

There are of course a number of other options, such as yearly vs. monthly prices or a Family plan.

We also offer Organization plans which allow advanced features, metrics and permit a higher number of accounts (people who sign up on your server).

(Don’t worry. We go over all the options in the sign up procedure.)

Why should I sign up?

Setting up your own Mastodon instance can be time-consuming and require a certain level of technical expertise. In contrast, using a hosting provider can save you time and effort by providing a fully-managed service that takes care of the technical details for you. This typically involves a cost, but the convenience and expertise of the hosting provider can be well worth it for many users.

Will I be stuck on this site?

Not at all! All servers (think of them as groups or organizations) interact with each other. The only  difference is that people will have different server names at the end of their account addresses.

AllPeep’s default address is, “”. However, we have many options for server names when you sign up. You can even use a domain you own.

Exploring the Fediverse

The Mastodon network is called the “Fediverse,” from the term “federated social media,” It is not controlled by a single private server, it is “decentralized”. Every server has its own set of rules, which makes content moderation subjective to the admins of that server.

There’s a lot out there to explore. Let AllPeep be your safe home base.


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