Vienna Meetup

Come meet the Peeps in Vienna, Austria.

We are working hard on some cool stuff. We’re being hosted at our partners –

Our CEO, D’Angelo, and CTO, Christoph, will be attending the Ball der Technischen Universität at Hofburg Wien on January 26, 2023.

Meet us at Tu Wien Ball

Our CTO, Christoph, is an alumnus of the Vienna University of Technology, where he studied Computer Science. We have the pleasure of joining him and the TU Wien community at the TU Wien Ball at Hofburg Vienna. The TU Wien Ball is an imperial rendezvous of science and technology. It takes place on the last Thursday in January and has been held in Vienna’s beautiful Hofburg for more than 30 years. Well-known and loved for its youthful flair, the music program ranges from classical waltz and big band sounds to New Orleans Jazz and Latin American rhythms. Unique among all Viennese balls is the Austrian folk music in the “Geheime Ratstube,” as well as the traditional “Ballspende” given to the attending guests, specially designed for that occasion.

Put together with a great deal of hard work and devotion, the opening ceremony is an event not to be missed. Accompanied by the sound of the University´s very own orchestra, traditional ball opening ceremony features are combined with unique ideas and elaborate choreographies, conducted and put into practice by
Mrs. Ingeborg Knopf-Bousa.

White abstract geometric artwork from Dresden, Germany

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White abstract geometric artwork from Dresden, Germany