AllPeep: The Social Dilemma

What is An Embedded Social Network?

An Embedded Social Network is an incredibly effective way for a passionate brand to engage with new, current, and prospective customers, learn on their own terms, and within their own spaces.  It enables community inclusion, education, and empowerment for those passionate Brands on a non-predatory global embedded SaaS technology that features incentivized engagement, content sharing, customizable privacy settings, and social network capabilities. 

  • Features include: Audio/video rooms, discussion threads, audio snippets, photo sharing, broadcast, management tools, EMBEDDED in a brand’s website or app
  • Mobile/web app for brands & their community to engage inclusively in real time
  • Automated dashboard analytics for Brands to thoroughly understand their community needs, wants, and challenges
  • Integrations from Embeddable social network to public social network

Think of Public Social Network as the icing on the cake and Embeddable Social Network as the cake. Most of the ground work is done inclusively to bake the cake – this engagement involves a brand’s employee, paid influencers, and ambassadors. Unfortunately, the greatest asset is missing from this equation and that asset is the CUSTOMERS! Without brands having their own embeddable social network, they have to deal with the 3 main problems that public social network doesn’t solve:

  • Time investment: It takes a lot of time to manage a social network account, and if you are outsourcing the work, it cost for that time. While the initial outreach generated from those investments is usually worthwhile, social network investments generate smaller returns over time. 
  • Bad publicity: This is another drawback that public social network doesn’t solve. Something as simple as a questionable content or the hateful comments can send the wrong message, and even after you correct it, the consequences of bad publicity will persist. It is practically inevitable that a social network account will encounter political or otherwise controversial topics, and someone is guaranteed to dislike your business’s discourse. As a brand on public social network, you have no control over what the platform approves and disapproves of. 
  • Decrease Lifetime Value: One of the most challenging risks to manage is engaging with your customers full-time on public social network. Every time that a Brand is spending time engaging with their community on public social network, they are increasing the chances of them being sold off to the next social network advertising. The most vocal brands and prospect customers are the winners on public social network. With public social network being a cesspool, it’s safe to say that there is almost a new winner everyday. As a result, this increases the chances of a brand misreading what most of their customers really want or think. Putting too much stock in public social network can send a business down a bad path because of the many distractions.

Although, public social network is great for discovery and going viral, it doesn’t allow Brands to inclusively engage with their customers. But, an embeddable social network does and this engagement is conducted inside the Brands platform! An embeddable social network increases Lifetime Value, Decreases Customer Acquisition Cost, and enables live shopping.

Let your embeddable social network drive retention

Brands who are actually listening to their customers release products that the community wants and it’s great for driving sales. Public social network has proven to the world that it allows the customers to share their true feelings passionately, so allow your biggest buyers to be your biggest sellers inside your property! 

The most dynamic example of this kind of listening today is the embedded social network that lives inside of SEPHORA’s platform. According to the Ex Director, Community & Social Commerce, Shira Levine at Sephora, Sephora invested $10 million to launch Sephora’s embeddable social network consists of instagram like features, chat feature, facebook group like features, and reviews. Like Sephora, eBay was one of the first commercial companies to launch their inclusive communities inside their platform. These Brands understand that their community is their retention strategy for growth, so they’re conducting deeper and inclusive engagement within the communities that they own. While they’re using public social networks as a feed to attract their prospective customers to join their bespoke community. These companies have figured out that having an embedded social network inside their app/platforms allows them to gain a deeper understanding of their community and their unique wants and needs. Many of their Competitors and brands are focused on selling, while brands like Sephora and eBay focus on serving their customers where they can reap the rewards of passionate loyal customers. The bad news, of course, is that eBay and Sephora have done it from scratch which is very costly. There are white labeled, more affordable solutions out there that allows your brand to engage with your customers inclusively inside your platform.

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