Christoph Witzany, D'Angelo Senat, Alan Luckow

TechStars New York Powered by JP Morgan

AllPeep at Techstars New YorkAt AllPeep, we recently had the privilege of participating in the final interview round for Techstars NYC powered by JP Morgan. We are immensely grateful to have been selected for this opportunity, and we would like to share our experience with you.

The managing director of Techstars NYC, Gary Stewart, and his team have done an exceptional job of putting together an incredible panel of Venture Capitalists from all over. As a company, we understand that it can be extremely challenging to directly engage with and get the opportunity to share our story, status, and future roadmap with Venture Capitalists, especially with elite ones. However, the Techstars NYC team provided us with the perfect platform to do so.

The screening committee gave us the chance to present our company’s vision, mission, and objectives to a panel of experienced Venture Capitalists. It was a great opportunity for us to showcase our product, and we received valuable feedback and insights. We were thrilled to have make it this far to be one of the top companies considered to be a part of the Techstars NYC Powered by JP Morgan 23′ program, the experience thus far has been nothing short of amazing.

We were also very impressed with the hospitality provided by both Reddit and the Techstars NYC powered by JP Morgan team. They went above and beyond to ensure that our experience was smooth and enjoyable. The Techstars NYC team was incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the entire process, and we felt well taken care of. The reward is in the journey, best of luck to all of the companies competing for one of the 12 slots.

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